FRM Eligibility

What is FRM and it’s eligibility?

What is FRM and it's eligibility?

FRM is the most acclaimed global designation in finance. FRM exam takes place in 165 countries all over the world. FRM is specifically designed for the risk management area in finance. FRM means Financial Risk management. To receive the professional FRM designation, one must complete a comprehensive two-part exam and complete two years of work experience in financial risk management. Professionals who have an FRM designation can participate in optional continued professional development. (more…)
FRM Level II Exam Structure

FRM Level II Exam Structure

FRM Level II Exam Structure:

What is FRM Exam?? The Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) established the FRM designation to identify and recognize risk professionals who are qualified to make informed decisions based on current, globally accepted industry standards. The FRM designation indicates you have a strong understanding of the underlying risk management concepts in today’s ever-changing financial markets which has been validated by international professional standards. (more…)